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FITTEXPORT, S.A.U produces trades and supplies, in the domestic market as well as in foreign countries, a large range of stainless steel fittings for tubes. In an extraordinarily competitive market, our efforts have to be aimed at offering products complying with the highest quality and with the best price. That’s why the Direction establishes a Quality Policy with the followings points:

- To comply with our customers’ requirements, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements of the directive P.E.D. 2014/68/EU applicable to our activity and our products with the objective to improve our customer satisfaction and avoid, by consequence, the costs due to no quality.

-To work in order to watch for the expectations and specifics needs of our customers.

-To solve up the incidences of a product or a service the faster possible.

-To improve the efficacy and efficiency of our processes and to offer competitive products to the market.

-To establish objectives and to check them in order to continually improve the efficacy of the System Quality Management.

-To check regularly the policy that has to be suitable to the market and system evolution.

-To communicate in the best way the policy to the staff in order to be understood and applied by all.

-To respect the Environment.

-To work in the labour risk prevention.