pressed bride tube's connection: tube, pressed flange, seal and collar.

What is a pressed flange?

Flange is an item that connects two components of a piping system, which enables its dismantling by non destructive operations, thanks to a circle with holes where the union bolts are matched. The Pressed Flange fittexport is the improvement not only in design and functionality but also in price of the traditional Back-Up Flange (we will also call it “solid flange” or “plate flange”). It’s the same product and offers the same technical performance in less weight and less price.

Why a pressed flange is better

A pressed flange is 61% lighter than a solid flange, which means also a noticeable reduction of the price. The pressed flange is cheaper than the solid flange. Thanks to its lightness, the pressed flange is easier to install than the solid flange.

The morphology of the pressed flange increases the water-tightness inside the system, because it has a flap in the interior diameter in contact with the collar, which exerts a pressure on the collar higher than the one exerted by a solid flange.

In summary, the pressed flange has the same behaviour as a solid flange, with more features.