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We are Fittexport, a leading company in the manufacture of stainless steel products. Since 1982 we have been dedicated to the production of steel connections and we have worked to innovate with unique items on the market such as the Fittexport pressed flange, which is the technical evolution of the solid flange.

We have a wide range of products, such as:pressed flanges, caps, collars, fixings and decorative accessories of different sizes and formats. You can count on us for everything you may need for your company.

Large stock for your projects

At Fittexport we are professionally dedicated to the manufacture of stainless steel tube connections. We have a large stock of products intended for different industrial sectors, in order to offer you exactly what you may need, when you may need it.

Aware of the demand and the need to offer you a good supply, we have a large reserve of products thanks to a continuous control of our stock, which allows us to adapt us to short delivery times.

Day by day we continue working to improve our services and find the best solutions for our clients. We have different departments focused on your relationship with our company and making your experience with us as effective as it is satisfactory.

Fittexport Stainless Steel Fittings in Stock
Below you can find detailed information about the wide variety of products we manufacture:
Fittexport Press

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Fittexport Stainless Steel Fittings

Products manufactured following current regulations

We are a stainless steel connections manufacturing company, being experts in stainless steel collars, pressed flanges and caps. Since our beginnings we have worked under the highest levels of demand, which allows us to be able to offer the best service and the best products.

Our company is aimed at providing excellent service to all our clients, something that we achieve thanks to a great human team, perfectly qualified and that has at its disposal all the technological advances based on current regulations.